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Permanent Record Registration 2019-2020 (pdf)
PK3-PK4 Tuition 2019-2020 (pdf)
Smart Tuition Enrollment Instructions PK3-8 (pdf)
Pre K Universal Child Health Record 18-19 (1) (pdf)
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PreK September Checklist 2016-17.docx
PreK Handbook 2016-17 (pdf)
Daily Schedule
Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program

     Our Lady of the Lake Enrichment Program focuses on Kindergarten readiness skills such as fine and gross motor skills, learning to be patient, taking turns, and working collaboratively. We work on completing tasks and fostering a sense of independence. Enrichment expands on the themes that are introduced the regular Pre-4 class. Using these concepts as a base, we introduce math skills, science experiments, seasonal projects and holiday crafts. We listen to music, use movement, play board games, and read from some of our favorite authors. All concepts are introduced in a hands-on and age-appropriate manner that will allow the children to explore the world around them and how they fit into that world.