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Permanent Record Registration 2019-2020 (pdf)
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The goal of Our Lady of the Lake Preschool is to develop and nurture your children’s sense of self-worth, integrating faith education through prayer, Bible stories, and song.  We begin by discovering who your children are and what they can do.  We encourage them to ask questions, to think creatively, and express their own feelings and ideas.  We will help your children learn patience and to work and play collarboratively.  Most importantly, they will learn to respect themselves and others, and to be proud of their individual contributions and accomplishments.  We want them to feel safe and comfortable with us and understand that they should not be afraid to make a mistake.  This is a natural part of the learning process.  We use many methods and techniques to realize our goal.  Some of our objectives are:

  •  Alphabet Recognition
  •  Appreciation of the oral and written word
  •  Listening to others
  •  Develop conversation skills
  •  Shape recognition
  •  Comparing
  •  Sorting
  •  Measuring
  •  Making guesses
  •  Develop a sense of time through routine
  •  Develop a sense of family/home/neighborhood
  •  Culture
  •  Self-expression
  •  Role-playing
  •  Caring for the environment

Together we can make a positive experience for your child filled with the joy of wonder and excitement!