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Parents -  You play a critical role in the success of Kinderfest & Oktoberfest.  Our parish, and by extension our school, depends on these events being successful and the only way that happens is when we all do our part to ensure our guests have a great time and a great experience.  We are the best publicists for the school and parish.  As mentioned, please be flexible - we pack a lot into our 5 hour event.  No matter how hard we prepare and plan, surprises will come up.  Please help where you can.

Thank you very much for doing your part to make these events the talk of the town!


Oktoberfest Volunteer Sign-Up

Each school family with children in grades K-8 for the 2017-2018 school year, are required to work at least six (6) hours during the weekend of the event. 

We have one last opportunity for you to choose a slot before we assign you to a slot. This last option will be available until Tuesday, September 19th.

Below are the two ways you can sign-up.

1. You may come to the school's office and sign-up for your 6 hours (Recommended)


2. You may open up the PDF below and choose 3 jobs that will meet your required 6 hours. (We are in desperate need of food station servers.)

Please email your choices to

When emailing please provided the job ids in your email along with your family name. (The job id is located in the first column). We will do our best to give you the jobs you prefer. 

This will be a first come, first serve opportunity. After September 12, we will assign your family a slot. We are in desperate need of food station servers..

Click the following link for available jobs: Oktoberfest Jobs Opened