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Kit's Interactive Theatre
Last week our students were treated to a performance from Kit's Interactive Theatre. A big thank you our HSA for sponsoring this assembly...

Our K-3 students accompanied Penny Pritchard on the Oregon Trail to California. Not only did students participate in the show, but some of our amazing teachers also played key roles in the trip. They group learned what the pioneers ate, how they started fires (bison chips!) and where they stayed during the journey. The students and teachers also learned how to dance in the Old Western style. What a great trip!

The 4th - 8th graders accompanied Maggie McLaughlin as she left Ireland via England and traveled to New York City. Maggie described the working conditions in the old country and the living conditions on the ship. Once again, our teachers and students participated in the storytelling, enriching the program with their wit and enthusiasm. We love learning history through theatre! @kit's interactive theatre