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Fourth Grade Valentine Creations
4th grade took the time to engineer and create Valentine's boxes all while using their imaginations, creativity, measuring and evaluation skills...

4th grade took the time to engineer and create Valentine's boxes and then each student proceeded to measure and draw their box creations to scale. Students employed measuring and recording skills, while learning how to draw their Valentine box to scale on square inch cubic charts. These were some of the activities that took place in the 4th grade classroom before enjoying using the boxes as delivery receptacles for Valentine's received by classmates. Tools used were evaluation skills, rulers, pencils and cubic inch graph paper. After individual evaluations and recordings were made, students worked with a partner who did a full check on the initial measurements and scale drawings that were made. Students were able to use collaborative decision-making and critiquing skills to make any needed changes to original drawings. Students were told if they were not able to reach a consensus on measurement/drawing verification to call in a third party (their teacher) for evaluation. Students worked well together, and were able to make any needed modifications without the help of a third party.