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Forensic News
A huge congratulations goes out to all our competitors of the OLL forensics team as they triumphantly competed at the last tournament of the season last Monday at St. Catherine's Of Siena in Cedar Grove.

The team consisted of Santiago G., Christopher D., Veronica D., Elena T., Christian G. and Matteo S. Veronica D., an 8th grader, received honorable mention after performing in the final round of the humor meet with her delightful rendition of Vitameatavegamin from the famous comedy The I Love Lucy Show.

At the conclusion of the tournament, awards were given to the various teams as well as individual competitors. Both Veronica D. and Elena T., also an 8th grader ranked in the top 10 of all the competitors for the entire league, with Veronica coming in 3rd place and Elena in 8th place among over 200 participants in all.

We are so proud of our all our fierce competitors this season:

Arantxa G., Eva S., Mary Kate D., Matteo C., Santiago G., Christopher D., Christian G., Matteo S., Bobby D. and Jared S. Your commitment and bravery continue to inspire and delight us at every tournament.

The Forensics Team at OLL is now on the map!!