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4th Grade Ukrainian Egg Decorating Project
Mrs. Petrozziello’s 4th grade students learn the art of Pysanky a Ukrainian Egg decorating tradition from Mrs. Farrell before the Easter break.

The Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter egg) is created in an age of old tradition rich with symbolism. Symbolism is at the root of all pysanky and it is not uncommon for a simple design full of symbolic meaning to surpass a very intricate design that is beautiful in its own right but, nearly devoid of symbolic meaning and artistic expression.

The art of making a pysanka was and is a holy, ritual task for the traditional Ukrainian artist. The pysanka is believed to have power similar to a cross. Each step in the process of making a pysanka was proscribed so that they might be made with the holiest of attitudes and the strongest forces imbued in them. Beeswax is used as it comes from bees who gather it from flowers who are nourished by the sun. The wax is melted off in the heat of the oven to remove the wax in a purifying process that unites it with the life-giving sun.

A special tool called a kistka is used to melt the beeswax and write on the eggs. The kistka is the pen and the beeswax is the ink. Each successive color is waxed and dyed until the entire design is created on the surface of the egg. The wax is then removed, a protective finish applied and the contents emptied. The eggs are shared with others as an expression of friendship, good will and love.

Thank you to Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Pastor, and Mrs. Sobreiro for also sharing your time with our students…

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